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Economics terms

2017-06-07T21:33:43+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Aggregate demand, Aggregate spending, Aggregate supply, Business cycle, Ceteris paribus, Change in supply, Consumer Price Index(CPI), Consumption(C), Deflation, Demand, Demand curve, Demand for money, Demand schedule, Depreciation, Disposable income(DI), Dissaving, Economic growth, Economic growth, Economics, Elastic demand, Environmental scanning, Equilibrium GNP, Equilibrium price, Equilibrium price, Equilibrium(macro), Ethical investment funds, Exports, External benefits, Externalities, Factor market, Firm, Fiscal policy, Fiscal year(FY), Free rider, Free-rider problem, Full-employment GNP, General equilibrium analysis, Gross investment, Gross national product(GNP), Growth rate, Import, Individual demand, Inelastic demand, Inflation, Inflation rate, Interest rate, Interest, Intermediate goods, Investment, Labor force, Laissez faire, Law of demand, Law of supply, Macroeconomics, Marginal utility, Market, Market demand, Market mechanism, Market power, Market shortage, Market supply, Market surplus, Merit goods, Micro economics, Mixed economy, Mixed economy, Monetary policy, Money, National income(NI), National-income accounting, Net investment, Net national product(NNP), Non-excludability, Non-rivalry, Open economy, Opportunity cost, Personal income(PI), Portfolio decision, Price elasticity of demand, Price stability, PRICE, Product market, Production possibilities, Production process, Productivity, Progressive tax, Public goods, Public goods, Pure market economy, Quantity supplied, Real GNP, Regressive tax, Saving, Say’s law, Seasonal unemployment, Shift in demand, Social benefit, Social cost, Social responsibility, Stagflation, Stakeholders, Substitute effect, Supply, Supply, Tariff, Transactions demand for money, Underemployment, Unemployment rate, Unemployment, Unit elasticity, Utility, Value added flashcards Memtrick.com Economics terms
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