Creating and subscribing to a course

In order to use our service it was more convenient and easier, we allowed our users to organize linked cards to courses.

Creating Your Course

You can create a course by clicking on the link "Create new course" in the list of your courses (you need to enter your account). You will also be asked to create a new course when creating new cards. When creating, you will need to enter a course name, description and set visibility settings ("Visible only to me" or "Visible to all"). After that, click the "Save" button. The new course will appear in the list in the user interface and you can start adding your own or others' cards to it.

Subscribe to someone else's course

To do this, select the course that interests you. You can find it in the search on the site, or you can open the link that you sent to your friends, colleagues or a teacher. After that, click on the "Subscribe" button. Now the course will be available in your user interface. In order to remove this course, just click on the "Unsubscribe" button.

Adding cards to a course

In order to add your own or other people's cards to the course, just click on the button on the cards page and select one of the the courses you created.