Creating cards

When creating new cards, you are required to enter a name and select a publicity mode (Visible to everyone / visible only to me). In addition, you can enter information in the "description" field, if you want to give some explanation for those people who will use your materials

Creating cards in manual mode

Simply enter the term in the left column, and the definition (translation) in the right column. To increase the amount, click on the "card". After registration, click the "Save" button.

Importing cards from text

We have prepared a flexible tool for importing cards from text. To use it, click the "Import cards from text or another document" . A window with a text input field and settings will open. Near each setting there is an icon with a question mark, clicking on which you can get a detailed description.

After setting the settings and, if necessary, correcting the text, click on the "Recognize" button. The result will appear immediately in the edit fields of the cards. If necessary, you can edit the result, then click on the "Save" button.

Selecting and creating a course

After you save the new cards, you will be asked to choose or create a course in which to add them. You can do this, or skip this step.