About the service

We started work on our project inspired by the model of learning Sebastian Leitner who suggested using the so-called "Flash cards" for better memorization of information. In Leitner's model, it was required to lay out cards with terms and definitions (or translations) into groups, depending on how well a person memorized this or that card. When creating our service, we strive to implement Leitner's model in a convenient and fun way.

In addition to the cards, we added other fascinating tools that help us to better understand useful information:

Learning mode

This mode is well suited for studying foreign languages ​​or cards, in which the term is simple enough and unambiguous. We suggest that students look at the definition and enter the correct answer in the field.

Test mode.

We have prepared four types of tests for you:

  • "Choosing the right option" - you need to match the terms and definitions (translations).
  • "True wrong" - we show the student the term along with the definition, and he must determine whether they match each other.
  • "4 options" - a classic test in which the student is required to choose one of four answers.
  • "Written" - the student needs to read the definition (translation) and enter the terms that correspond to it.

In all tests, you can enter a limit on the number of used cards, as well as determine what to show the term or definition.

Creating Your Cards and Courses

On our project you can find a huge number of ready-made training materials, which were prepared both by the creators of the service, and by our users. But the best effect can be achieved if you learn how to create your own sets of cards that suit you. Try clicking on the "Create cards" button and you'll see how easy and convenient it is.

Different forms of training are suitable for different situations, different people. That's why we value communication with our users. If you have any ideas for improving our service, be sure to write to us. We promise that our answer will not be formal.